Loopomatic Groove Circulator

by Tom Swift

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Motown on a Carribean summer break
Unbelievably upbeat grooves, tap-your-foot-along tunes, and all this from just a one-man-orchestra?!
On his solo debut, apt Tom Swift manages to avail himself of an impressively rich palette of sound colours and pull off very well-crafted arrangements for his sunny song creations. Although sometimes backed by Basel's riddim veterans The Scrucialists, this timbral width is remarkable for a solo project. Also remarkable is the energy he manages to exude and the self-reliant originality with which he tackles established 'Golden Greats' such as Uptight or Man in the Mirror. On the other hand, some of his own songs still need to outgrow being a little overshadowed by the admiration he holds for artists such as Bobby McFerrin, or endangered by slightly imitating the grand old lords of 70's Funk and Soul.
To sum up, Tom Swift & his loopomatic groove circulator makes for a very refreshing debut by an artist with great potential, stage presence and musical and entertainment capabilities.


released February 4, 2010



all rights reserved



TOM SWIFT Basel, Switzerland

Tom Swift is the human orchestra, the one-man band of a different kind. No artificial flavours! The Groove Professor invades your brains with his Loopomatic Groove Circulator. Organic grooves, 100% addiction!

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Track Name: Music's got me
Music s’got me goin on
Past all the things that are goin wrong
Music s’got me comin’ up strong

A life of sorrow isn’t meant form me
I find some comfort, studying musicology.
In times of teenage mass murder
Economy can’t grow no further
Where there is a great risk,
That they put you on their list,
And gona hunt you down as a non-conformist.

You say I stick my head in the ground
That I don’t wanna see what’s going down
But hey I see the misery
But can’t accept it as our destiny
If we all focus on one spot
And give it serious thought
I believe there will be a solution coming up.


I don’t need nobody to tell me what to do.
I don’t need nobody to criticize my do.
But I need you people if I wanna advance.
I need you people to help me do the dance.
Track Name: Loopomatic Groove Circulator
Loops double up and tumble down,
spin your head round, lift your feet of the ground.
They say one day it’s all coming back,
every thing you do, every little chit-chat.

Goes Round and round and round and round
Loopomatic Groove Circulator
Goes Round and round and round and round
Loopomatic Groove Circulator

1. You think you’re heading one way straight,
You want nobody to start a debate.
Keeping your nose stuck to the track
From this point on there’s no turning back.
You set yourself a mission to get away from tradition,
Your mommies and daddies high expectations
Oh sure a degree would be fine,
But you don’t wanna kill time,
Sitting on your behind.
Yeah you wanna live right now.
You set your gear, turn the music loud.
It’s sex and drugs and rock n’roll.
Unforgettable moments, worth more than gold.
But then you speed into a roundabout,
Get twisted round and hear Karma-shouts
Telling you to find some higher truth
Stop fussing about, acing like a fool….

Life it circulates…The blood…The air…The earth…
The moon…The sun… The groove …and the loops definitely circulate!!!

2. There’s a story that’s never been told
about a young fellow, who was afraid to get old.
He was always on the run, trying to capture time.
He locked it in a book, that started with a rhyme. Like this
There’s a story that’s never been told
about a young fellow, who was afraid to get old.
He was always on the run, trying to capture time.
He locked it in a book, that started with a rhyme. Mmmm
Never ending worries in never ending stories,
bout how we keep on treading the mill,
trying hard to move on, but the mill stands still.
Wishful thinking a lot, but the wish wont fulfil.
So there’s all these bubbles that have to burst,
To make us realise, that humanity is cursed,
To always end up, where we headed off,
We’re caught in the loop, and the groove’s is getting ruff. Like this
Track Name: Walk of Love
Hey babe, wont you love me some more
I know I’ll never get to settle the score
Much water’s gone down the stream
And will always be gone.
I try to make it up to you
Just tell it to me straight
You’re mirroring what I try to be
Don’t you loose your faith!
When we’re cuddled up
No more hustles erupt.

Chorus: But baby, you gotta learn the walk. Gotta learn the walk of love.

I sensed your mood, when you walked through the door.
I’ve seen it several times before.
Something is wrong again
But only heaven knows what.
I try to get it out of you
But you don’t wanna talk
I tell you to be reasonable,
But you just shut the door.
Time soothes every pain
Dinners ready and you smile at me again.


Our flat is definitely too small
We’re sitting here waiting for love’s call
Hard work day in day out,
Evenings on the couch.
Let’s watch an other episode
Of how life ought to be.
Passion, love and happiness
Just came out in volume 3.
Let us break down all the walls
Before we get used to it all

Chorus Finale
Track Name: Give me a signal
1. Why oh I can’t deny,
Your loving, keeps me alive
Looking behind every door,
Opening every shell on the shore
This is what I’m looking for
Your hidden signs.

Give me a signal
I’m a castaway
Give me a signal
Give me a signal
I gona run your way
Give me a signal

2. Empty handed fool
In this loving you found, nothingness rules
Her beauty will trick your mind
You want to find so you will find
A fata morganic blind
Her hidden signs.

Give me a signal, baby.
You got to give me signals.
Give me a signal baby.
You know I want to be with you
you want to be with me too.
Come a little closer,
I show you what we gona do.


3. Empty handed fool
In this loving you found, nothingness rules
Fantasy projects your need
To hold onto your mystic deed
You just wanna spread your seed.
Her hidden signs.

Track Name: Uptight
Baby, everything is alright
Uptight, out of sight
Baby, everything is alright
Uptight, out of sight

1) Well I’m a poor man’s son from across the rail road tracks,
The only shirt I own is hanging on my back.
But I’m the envy of every single guy,
Since I’m the apple of my baby’s eye.
When we go out stepping on the town for a while.
My money’s low and my suit’s out of style.
But it’s alright if my clothes ain’t new.
Out of sight, because my heart is true. She says:


2) She’s a pearl of a girl, I guess that’s what you might say.
I guess her folks brought her up that way.
On the right side of tracks, she was born and raised,
In a great big house, full of butlers and maids.
She says: “No one is better the I!”
“But I know! I’m just an average guy.”
No football player or Don Juan
Got empty pockets, cause I’m a poor man’s son.
I can’t give her the things that money can buy,
But I never, never, never let my baby cry.
And it’s alright, what I can’t do
Out of sight because my heart is true. She says:

Track Name: Legokischte
Wüel in minre Legokischte, zytvergesse im Spil
S’tönt wie s’Rusche an de Küschte, spüelt Gschichte zu mir.
Suech in minre Legokischte, nach em fehlende Teil
Bau mi Welt nach mine Glüschte us de Legoschtei.

Us re Burg wird e Ruine und us däre wider Sand
Drus bau ich e riese Ruhmschiff, das fliegt wäg mit minre Hand

Spiel mit minre Legokischte, e klare Plan han i nid.
Was chunt unde was isch obe? Sag mr nid wie d’Welt isch!
Bau mit minre Legokischte mini Philosophie,
d’Baustei sin immer die glyche, doch was drus wird das weis i nie.

Us re Burg wird e Ruine und us däre wider Sand
Bau mi Weltbild unbeholfe mit em kindliche Verstand
Wie ne Göttli lohn ich’s krache, s’Zämeschpiel vo Guet und Bös
Wenn ich fertig bi rüefts Mami: „Ruhm di Puff jetzt endlich uff!“

Er spielt mit sinre Legokischte, doch us em Spiel wird ernscht,
er baut e Welt us Terrorischte und Überbringer vom Heil,
mit sinre Armee vo Extremischte wird d’Welt manipuliert
anschtatt Freiheit vo Gedanke, wird e Plan ufdoktriniert

Us me Mensch wird e Maschine vo funktioniert ohni Verstand
er tötet mit em heile Säge, doch het dr Sinn vom Spiel verkannt.

Suche in minre Legokischte, nach dr Richtig wohi
Bau Oase uf sinre Wüeschte, sige si au no so chli
Wüel in minre Legekischte mach e risige Lärm
Versuech d’Bombe z’übertöne wo explodiere in dr Fern.

Us re Stadt wird e Ruine und us dere wider Sand
Chum rühr in minre Legokischte, es het Platz für jedi Hand.
Track Name: Neutral
Mir sin neutral
Was um uns umme passiert isch uns zwar nid egal.
Doch mir mischle nid mit.
Sin e komplexe Huffe uf em Egotrip.

Es tätscht und kracht
Sig’s ä Weltkrieg wo entfacht.
Mir sitze still in unserne Hüsli
Und hamschtere feini Schockimüsli.

Ahnigslos! Wie, was isch los?
Korrupti Wält.

Mir sin neutral
Doch dr Waffehandel lauft phänomenal
Und mir mischle heimlich mit.
Sin e lischtige Huffe uf em Egotrip.

In jedem hinterletschte Kaff,
wird still und flissig gschafft
Patrone töte Unbekannt,
druf stoht „Made im Schwitzerland“.

Ahnigslos! Wie, was isch los?
Korrupti Wält

Mir sin neutral
Und verwalte Vermöge us unterdruckter qual
Und mir wüsse vo nüt
Unseri heiligi Chue mir schlachte se nid.

Die Image-Schienheiligkeit
unseri heuchlerischi Höfflichkeit
Schöffliwolke marschiere a
Und mir vön wider vo Vorne a

Ahnigslos! Wie was isch los?
Korrupti Wält

Mir sin neutral
Was um uns umme passiert isch uns zwar nid egal
Jede uf sim Egotrip
Öb mir s’wän oder nid mir mischle mit.
Track Name: Scientifical Trip
Welcome on board of my musical ship,
I’m on an exceptional scientifical trip
Entering new spaces, where no soul jet has been
searching for the traces of where the funk was last seen.
So tie your shoelaces and get ready for the dance,
cause I need your physical support to advance.
You're my human resources, my magical forces,
to take me to a world of regarded sorcerers.
Above imagination, depression or inflation,
lose touch with the common, start a different hummin',
a melody so pure at heart, it will be stunning.

So take a deep breath as we speed up to Orion, pass the great wagon and say hi Mr. Moon.
So take a deep breath as we speed up to Orion, pass the great wagon and say hi Mr. Moon.
Mr. Moon.

So now we've taken of it's getting really cool,
we're speeding up intensely breaking every space rule.
Around us darkness, even the stars are out,
no need to panic, calm down and don't shout.
Cause we're entering a sphere misty and unclear,
a spiral-like tunnel sucks us closer, my dear,
mayday mayday, we're lost in time and space,
an omniscient power is controlling our pace,
and there's an entrance an electro magnetically field,
And as I pass it, I pass out and everything gets weird……………

Funk heaven:
Gona make all trouble, trouble go away now! (Talkbox)

The screen light goes on and a horn section blows
James Brown and George Clinton they give us a funk overdose,
We're invited to stay, forever and a day
and they gona make all of our troubles go away.

Now this the time to act your rhyme,
This is the groove to do your funky moves
this is the flow everybody seeks for,
so funk you people, funk you.
Track Name: Spuure (feat. Easy Yves & Danini)
In junge Joore han ich mir öbis gschwore,
Bevor ich abläb gib ich däre Wält no mini Spoore.
Trib se aa mit minre Kraft, stüür se won ich das schaff.
Dr Spielruum isch zwar chli, aber s’Ziel isch das ich mi ufraff.
Brich uf zu de Wolke, ganz unerschrocke.
Bocke tuen i nid will die witti Wält tuet me verlocke.
Zum ne Sprung setz i a, weiss noni woni land.
Aber was ich do erläb schrieb ich in mi Versliband.


Won i lauf bliebe Spuure, still stön alli Uhre.
Farbespiel und Wörterpracht und d’Sunne wo lacht.

Glaub nid das es falsch oder au richtig isch,
lieb was de machsch und mach was dir wichtig isch.
Wotsch au nid viel, aber eins sicherlich
Du hesch e Ziel was au immer das isch.
Glaubsch das du nid wichtig bisch
was nid richtig isch
egal wohär du chunsch und wo du zur Zyt bisch und chillsch.
Egal wo du au stosch, woane du au gosch,
hesch d’Wält und d’Lüt berührt. Verstosch?
Du muesch jetz losgo
Chum dörfsch nid zu lang verwyle
immer vorwärts nie stoh bliebe wie ne Greis.
Du dörfsch nid loslo
Chum dänk nid an Langiwile
suechsch e Ziel wod druf chasch ziele wie ne Sniper.


Was isch es denn was d’Wält im Innre zämehebt,
wo mi durch dr zerrend graui Alltag schleppt?
Läbensenergie? Exischtänzphilosophie?
Doch dr Funke wo’s usmacht isch e süessi Melodie.
Musik bisch mini Muse, ohni Schue und ohne Bluse.
Ha di vo Kopf bis Fuess erobret, Tag und Nach sin mir am Schmuse.
Du groovsch mini Wält
Du rocksch mini Wält
Du funksch mini Wält
HipHopsch mini Wält
Du skanksch mini Wält
Du soulsch mini Wält
Du jazzisch mi up und du bringsch mi nie mol down
nei, nei, nei! Nei du bringsch mi niemols down.
Nei du beläbsch mini Seele.
Du sprüesch us minere Kehle.
Track Name: Undercover
So many things happen undercover.
It’s time for you and me we start to discover
All these tricks, that we can’t see
Is it too much to ask for some transparency? Apparently!
Cause you don’t wana show me what you got behind your back. Now do you?
What is it you hind behind
your smiling face that makes me blind
that makes the truth so hard to find.
Hand me a cup of knowledge
The sort that they don’t sell at college
‘cause they want you walking in the shade.

It’s undercover
We gona light it up, spice it up, fill your cup
Got to discover
We gona light it up, spice it up, fill your cup

Show you how to lose control,
try my soul food casserole
I reveal my secret ingredients.
You gotto stop the mind patrol
cause you’re the only guardian of your soul
Spread tolerance and dance, dance, dance, now.
All secret intelligences, keeping up those invisible fences,
that make us people fall apart.
Why don’t you help us mend this? To stop the hidden violence
and spread some human love through art.


There’s all this hidden knowledge everywhere,
all these scientific discoveries, that could help humanity move on.
But they keep it undercover.
Every generation has to rediscover the misuse of political powers, corrupted lobbies
keeping it undercover.
As the FBI, the CIA, the KGB, your mum and daddy.
Your teachers, your preachers, your banks, your politicians
talking ‘bout the oil lobby, all industries, what a corrupted system this is.
Keeping it undercover…

Track Name: Rumours of Secrets
Taking walks in the park,
After dark
Strolling in solitude searching for that mark
A hint a sign
A little secret shrine,
Something in this wilderness has got to be mine.

Rumours of secrets
Of the key to the door
Moving to the next floor
Being the breeze on the shore

Why I wonder why wonder why
I try to touch the sky, reach the third eye
Existence whispering answers in the distance
Does this make sense?
Some think philosophy
Some believe religion
Some know it scientific
Some breath revolution
Some succeed in success
Well I sense it, but cannot name it.



Track Name: Summer Schlummer
Heyo heyo heyo, die goldni Zyt isch do,
ha d'Gitti mitgno, jez frog doch nid wieso,
dr Summer isch cho.
Es folgt jetzt Picknick uf Picknick,
Gras und viel Spirit,
mir gön unter d'Lüt lön numme e Lächle zruck.
Mir hänge am Rhy, alli sin drby,
Gross und Chli, Arm und High Society.
Mr luege Sunneuntergäng, soviel wie mir wän
liebe s’Wolkespiel am Himmel, dr Horizont nimmt kei änd.
Mir sin ufgstellt, wenn s'Wetter ufhellt,
s'einzig wo zellt, isch dass uns d'Sunne richtig dure grillt.
Es git kei Verlierer, will dä Song isch e Igfrierer,
Wo d'Zyt lot lo stoh, ä ändlos Amüsierer.
Himmel uf Erde, e saisonale Säge
wo all die versteckte wünsch lot vo neuem lo ufläbe.
Du seisch ich ha ä zagge ab, zie mini Sandale ab
nimm ä grosse Satz und Splash bi ich drby.


Das isch dr ändlos Summer Schlummer, Summer Schrummer
Das isch dr ändlos Summer Schlummer, Summer Schrummer


Du bisch ä Suechende, ä Erschti Welt Verfluechende,
wo weiss dass es nid goht, wies hüt um unseri Welt stoht.
Du bisch voll Intellekt, hesch dini siebe Geischter gweckt,
Versuechsch es mit chli Emotion, d'Welt z'erfasse wie ne Ton.
Schwingendi Monänt mache us das mir, dr wäg finde us em Gwirr
Possitivi Luftsprüng, verzelle us vom Ursprung.
Schlussendlich bliebt uns d'Sinnlichkeit, jetzt läbe wie in Ewigkeit,
D'Tafele isch vorbereit, picked was euch gluschte tuet.
Losed lüt s'goht öbis ab, ziend doch euri Flipflop ab,
nämmed ä grosse Satz und "spläsh" sin dir drby.

Track Name: Man in the Mirror
I'm gonna make a change,
for once in my life
It's gonna feel real good, gonna make a difference
Gonna make it right...

As I turn up the collar on my favorite winter coat
This wind is blowin' my mind
I see the kids in the street,
with not enough to eat
Who am I, to be blind
pretending not to see their needs

A summers disregard
a broken bottle top
And a one man's soul
They follow each other on the wind ya know
'Cause they got nowhere to go

That's why I want you to know
I'm starting with the man in the mirror
I'm asking him to change his way
And no message could have been any clearer
if you wanna make the world a better place
take a look at yourself, take a look at yourself.

I've been a victim of a selfish kind of love
It's time that I realize
That there are some with no home, not a nickel to loan
Could it be really me, pretending that they're not alone?

A willow deeply scarred, somebody's broken heart
And a washed out dream
They follow the pattern of the wind ya' seed
'Cause they got no place to be


If you wanna make the world a better place, better look at yourself and then make that change,
Gotta get it right while you got the time, cause when you close your heart, then you close your mind.
Track Name: Lovebites
Your lovebite are all that I’m longing for
Your sweet kisses are my cure
I want to embrace the wholo univers
This love is for real that’s for sure.

I need your lovebite, sweetness each night and day.
Giving, Giving, Giving, that’s the only way.
I know we, we can be, be on top endlessly.
Your marks on my body are worth more than jewellery
Think of my body as a beach
Your footprints in my sand are more persuasive than speech.
Ain’t no wave big enough to wash them away.
Our love is so strong no chance for decay.


Love is just a moment, but we leave our traces behind.
I express it in this love song trying to reach your mind.
I’m stuck to your skin as you are stuck to mine.
In this warm embrace, we gona transcend time.
Our bodies are playgrounds, touched by gentle thoughts
I recall each night, better than forget-me-nots.
I’ll wear your lovebites, proud to be your only star.
No matter what, no matter who, no matter where we are.

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