Dress UP


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released August 30, 2013

Produced by Philip Setzepfand
Co-Produced by Eric Gut

Recorded and mixed by Philipp Setzepfand at Speakers Corner Studios Basel
Horns and additional overdubs recorded by Eric Gut at Onedrop Studios Basel (onedrop.ch)

Mastering by Dan Suter at Echo Chamber Studio (echochambers.ch)

Distribution by Irascible (irascible.ch)

Crowd funding platform (wemakeit.ch)

All songs written by Tom Swift except for “Naturally” by Charles Wright and “African Disco Dub” by Robin Balliger and JH “Tommy” Tompkins.

Lyrical Adviser: Baschi Hausmann

Lead Vocals by Tom Swift
Drums played by Eric Gut, except on “Soulbowl” by Philipp Setzepfand
Guitars played by Philipp Setzepfand
Keys played by Tom Swift, except for “Soulbowl”, “Let’s make a baby”, “Dress up” by Philipp Setzepfand
Horns on “Dress up”, “In the name of the Groove”, “Trip over your Feet” and “Naturally” played by: Philipp Laphart: Trumpet, Roger Greipl: Saxophon, Lukas Briggen: Trombone

Grafic Design by TeamSwitzerland Pascal Brun & Mats Willi (teamswitzerland.com)


all rights reserved



TOM SWIFT Basel, Switzerland

Tom Swift is the human orchestra, the one-man band of a different kind. No artificial flavours! The Groove Professor invades your brains with his Loopomatic Groove Circulator. Organic grooves, 100% addiction!

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Track Name: Dress Up
Dress up like you want to
Like you and only you know how
Dress up like you want to
The world’s a stage so play your part

Get your rags out of your cupboard
Air them out and blow the dust away.
Take a good look at the mirror.
Cause today is a special day!


There's no law against good looking
So why hide beauty in a rotten shell
You shape the world you live in,
Everything you wear's a story to tell.

Are you sending out an SOS?
Are you looking for that sweet caress?
Are you untouched like the Mother Virgin Mary?
are you a queen, a whore or just a fairy?
Ooooohhh suits you sir!
You’re the king of dandies Monsieur le Sapeur
poser, pimp, hillbilly or hipster
Show me how you, show me how to

Dress up like you want to
Like you and only you know how
Dress up like you want to
The worlds a stage so play your part
Dress up or go naked,
you know you know you cant fake it
Dress up as you like it
you know you know that you’re worth it.

Dress up Yeah...
Track Name: Just Here To Dance
I can’t stop staring at you beautiful.
I think our eyes just met.
I this the moment right here, right now?
Have we got an agreement?

Don’t you know that you’re the one for me
and I’m the one for you
Let us try some sweet romance
or are you just here to dance?

You cash my funk inn with your kinky style.
The boogie is in my pants
to see you move and groove so gently
feels like a bag of ants

She smoothly moves cause she’s just here to dance.

That smile you’re smiling baby
you’re smiling it just for me
or am I mistaken?
is there a third party?
The groove just suits you perfect
you’re vibrating in trance
I think my game is over
The way you keep your distance.

Don’t you know that you’re the one for me
and I’m the one for you
Common baby let us try this dance,
cause I’m just here for romance.

Oh girl I have to insist!
Just one kiss, just one heavenly kiss.
Let us try some sweet romance
or are you just here to dance.
Just to dance
Track Name: Mo' Bubbles
All you bubble heads now listen up
sooner or later your bubble will pop.
It's like an inescapable curse
Your life's a dream and then it bursts.

Life's too heavy so Mo Bubbles
Keep my dreams alive Mo Bubbles
Lift me up. Lift me up Mo Bubbles
Living life in a bubble just feel the weight drop. Feel the weight drop!

You take a bubble just to see a brighter day
One that helps you to relive yesterday
A bubble made of gold where dwarfs and fairies sing
and you rule peacefully, the long expected king.

How many bubbles reach the stars?
How many bubbles are in my bath?
How many more are there to come?
Who makes the biggest bubble gum?

You hatch a bubble just trying to forget
imagine one where you win every bet.
One where you are perfect cant do nothing wrong.
You take a ride knowing that it won’t last long.
Track Name: Naturally
Every man's got to find his peace
Even the fool in his mind is free.
When true loving comes your way
If you feel love let me here you say

That I'm doing what comes naturally
And I try my best just to be me.

It's never easy to be yourself
We're all dependent on someone else.
To free my mind I gotta follow my rules
To be real is cooler than to be cool.

I am afraid what I do doesn’t count.
No news no history books where I can be found.
But I need no bachelor, no master’s degree.
The highest art is to enjoy naturally.
Track Name: Trip Over Your Feet
You gotta get on top, yeah
Oh you're living large
Wanna reach the sun.
But then you trip over your feet.

You've got me hooked up on your favorite drug:
craving for more and more.
While you stash away your pots of gold,
The groove is what I'll go for.
Hidden away in your towers of power
You rule with out a care.
We all play your game but then you change the rules
in favor of your welfare.

You gotta get on top, yeah
Oh you're living large
Wanna reach the sun.
But then you trip over your feet.

You're just this guy in a suit with no face,
Locked up behind office walls.
You just do your job, and just follow orders
Go on and blow it all.

You gotta get on top, yeah
Oh you're living large
Wanna reach the sun.
But then you trip over your feet.
Before it gets too hot, now.
and your wings fall of.
Oh you're getting close
But then you trip over your feet.

Hidden away in your towers of power you rule without a care.
But I can feel it cracking
the walls are thick but it's happening.
It's worth it, the trouble
we don't wanna see them messing up another bubble.
So we're out there singing our song
once more pleading right over wrong.
Stop the muddling, pass the handcuffs
This time we had enough.

Track Name: Soulbowl
What if you spill your soul
where would you wanna go
how you gonna get it back
Hurry hurry your time is up
What if you spill your soul
where would you wanna go
how you gonna get it back
Your time is running out by the end of this track.

From afar you hear this locomotion
Waves of sound fill your ears with steady motion.
You loose control it’s like a magic potion.
It’s calling your name from the bottom of the ocean.
You dive in and it fills your heart.
No it’s not the end, it’s a brand new start.
It’s got you surrounded from head to toe.
You hold it in your arms this eternal glow.


From within you hear a burning roar,
A sound so old, you know you’ve heard it before.
A sea of voices echoes in space
everything is everywhere, still all in one place.
You start to shiver, turn from hot to cold
A moment’s so precious so hard to hold
Never in your life you felt so whole
Take it all in and refill your soulbowl.
Track Name: Can't Be Bothered
I cant be bothered
This stupid game I don’t wanna be part of
Got to get away.
I cant be bothered
This shit ain’t real, it’s just palaver
smoke being blown away.

It’s easy to connect these days
with people of your kind.
Although we’ve got a million ways
they all start to make us blind.
Virtual realities,
make people believe they get their piece.
Visualizing all our needs
we are slaves of our computer screens.


Show the people who you wanna be
a star in your homemade soap.
Behave like a celebrity
quit the game and you might stay whole.
We’re more depended on our little toys
with flashing lights and beeping noise
Hey plastic girls and plastic boys,
Is it true that you ain’t got no choice?

Track Name: Plastic People
All those plastic people, where do they all come from?
All those plastic people, where so they all belong.

Curtain’s drawn in the children’s room,
the floor is covered with toys.
Baby’s sleeping save and sound,
but suddenly you hear a whispering noise.
He-Man wakes up Barbie doll and says:
“Hey lets go to work!
While the kids are sleeping tight,
we gonna slip into their dream world!”
“Listen Baby, listen what I say!
When you grow up you wanna be like me.”
Then Barbie smiles her plastic smile,
and the power of suggestion creates this unbreakable tie.
“Give yourself up, don’t make no plans,
You have no choice, you’re in our hands!”


So girls grown up to be like dolls,
and boys become muscle machines.
Six packs, Botox, hair wax and boob jobs
make their bodies look nice and clean.
This suits you perfect
You’re looking great
This is awesome
You’re sweet as cake
They chat away day in day out
Everything’s good. There is no doubt.
Hey lovey-dovey
You sugar pie
You’re my angel
Damn girl you look fly.

Track Name: Skin
So many people whose skin is too thin
They embrace fire like little children.
And they believe that they’re floating on top of things,
While really drowning in an endless sea of problems.
Ain’t nobody to protect their back
Their train is running on a one-way track.
No way to break, no way to stop
They are heading towards collision.

So many people whose skin is too thin,
They can’t say no, they let it all in.
All the news about the state of the world today,
The agony that’s caused by this wicked game we play.
Their biggest burden is that they care.
About the victims who’s pain they share.
I am you and you are me,
Ego dissolving in confusion.

Your skin is definitely too thin
Don’t you let it all come in.
Your skin is definitely too thin
Don’t you let it all come in.

Sometimes I worry that my skin’s become too thick.
You want my empathy, but I don’t buy your trick.
Have I lost touch with my emotions?
I cant let go, no I got to control them.
Without a shield, I am open wide.
But I’m convinced that my love I must hide.
Keeping it save, keeping it sound
Giving it all up for protection.

Track Name: African Disco Dub
Disco Funk in Harlem Street
Lago’s dancing to Afrobeat
London, Kingston to Red Square
Loops okay everywhere

African Disco Dub

Human earthquake knocks down walls
Dynamite location falls
Don’t need words to understand
Common language every land

African Disco Dub

Fundamental foreign trade
Precious export contact’s made
Profit flows from bloody streams
Human heartbeat and spirit they’re free
Don’t need words to understand
Common language every land

African Disco Dub
Track Name: Vibe Spot feat. Phenomden
We'll be out there looking for the vibe spot
The vibe spot is the right spot
You know we'll be rockin’ it till the city lights shut
The vibe spot is where you find us.

Bring your radio, bring your speakers we're on the go.
We're conquering wasteland turning it into pure soul.
In the parks on the streets or parking lot.
we gonna make sure to make you party hard.
Youths of today nuh find no rooms nor spots
if they don’t have the money to spend in pubs
Years ago there use to be record shops
To play music and discuss the latest tracks.
Now the get stress by police and cops
triyin’ to string up the speaker box
but we'll find us a place to meet and rock
even if it's on mountain peaks and tops.


So come by bike by car or by bus
everybody welcome, come join us
Its all about the here and now
Tonight is A+ we nuh deal with minus
And don’t stop till we reach that climax
We’re taking you to higher ground
Keep on looking
Keep it cooking
Keep your eyes out now
for the vibe spot

Track Name: Let's Make A Baby
It’s been years since we got together, steering our relationship through sunny and stormy weather The parties were great and the places we’ve been, are all milestones on the path to fulfilling my big dream. But I feel the time is right just now
to show a little courage.
Let us plant the seed of love
With or without marriage. You know I’m true to you, Chorus So let’s make a baby, Baby Oh I’m ready now! Let’s make a baby, We gonna make it someway somehow. Nobody said it would be easy. Oh yes I've got my doubts too. But tell me what are we here for? What's the wonder of creation? Help me build a love-based civilization. So why bring a child into a world,
where war and hate are ruling.
Love is the only the hope we've got
so let’s get it on darling. Trust me I know what to do! Chorus So lets make a baby, Baby Are you ready now? Lets make a baby, We gonna make it someway somehow. Bridge: See I don't wanna wait no more. It's time for us to grow now. I'm fed up with rubber hats, darling. Let us play cool cats now. See your love and my love melting into one so beautiful a child’s to come, the future's just begun. So please, please, please
Track Name: In The Name Of The Groove
Are you willing, are you able?
Would you lay your cards on the table?
Are you ready to move
In the name of the groove

You gotta get on up, you gotta get on down
You gotta wiggle your toes, stomp your feet
Clap your hands to the beat
Till you leave the ground
Are you ready to move
In the name of the groove

Are you willing, are you able?
Would you let your horses run wild out of your stable?
Are you ready to move
In the name of the groove

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